Song of the Sea - photographic print by Alex Rowbotham

Nanjizel (Mill Bay or Nanjizal) is a beach and cove situated one mile to the south-east of Land's End, Cornwall, UK.

Nanjizel has no direct access via road and is usually reached via the South West Coast Path by walking from Land's End, and so is often very quiet. Nanjizel is also a noted bird and seal watching location.

Nanjizel can vary from a beautiful sandy beach to a stony cove, all at the whim of the sea. It faces due west out to the Atlantic. To the south is the 'Song of the Sea', where the sea has worn through a narrow passageway from the cove to the ocean.

Due to it's relative inaccessibility, Nanjizel has remained more or less untouched and never gets busy.
Situated at the end of a short, shallow valley, the beach is a pretty boulder strewn cove with unusually clear water. The beach used to be much more sandy but after storms around 20 years ago much of it was washed away.

This image was used in a museum installation to help illustrate the atmosphere of the Jurassic period.

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