Photo of Alex RowbothamBorn 1964 near Manchester. Alex Rowbotham is a British artist and freelance designer. He is passionate about projections, whether on a screen or video mapping on a building, his specialisms stem from his 25+ years as photographer and multimedia designer.

Before the arrival of acceptable digital photography he preferred to work with medium format cameras (Mamiya and Bronica) using Fujichrome, but this was limiting by the necessity to lighten his load when heading to areas that are often inaccessible to vehicles. Therefore his 'work horse' was a Canon Al 35mm but even then sometimes only taking a pocket Mini-Espio meant he was able to capture some things that otherwise he'd have missed.

Since completing his art school education of film, photography and television in the late 1980’s, Alex has pursued a learning curve of ever-changing methodology of expanding media technology. His primary passion was with the ‘third’ image created by over-lapping multiple slide projectors used to create presentations within the audio visual arts and industry. This ‘third’ eye is now focused upon structures and buildings with cultural heritage. His work has taken him around Europe and the Middle East, travel has been an important part of his inspiration for his personal work and development.

Whilst working in London, Alex found himself drawn to the many media festivals at home and abroad and it was in the early 90’s that he first traveled to Italy for the AMV festival in Rieti. Although this no longer exists it put him on the road to many other festivals and picking up awards in USA for interactive interface design of (then new) CDRom media. Perhaps more importantly he has met many like-minded professional artists with whom he collaborates.

Contracts of art direction and design, between Rome and the Netherlands, contributed to the decision to make South Tyrol his home. In 2007 the non-profit cultural association of Luce Dipinta was formed, in which he took the roll of creative director to realize the Painting with Light Festivals and events.

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